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The Ready.Set.Retire! Blog

Estate planning for your digital assets

Benjamin Smith, CFA

 What will happen to your Facebook account when you die? What about all your photos shared on social media, your texts with loved ones, or documents on cloud-storage systems? In just the two-year...

Our Favorite Estate Planners in Bangor Maine (Reviews/Ratings)

Benjamin Smith, CFA

Estate planning is not something to which most people look forward because it’s associated with mortality, but it’s important to think of the next generation. As Financial Advisors at Guidance...

The Best Accountants in Bangor, Maine (In Our Opinion)*

Benjamin Smith, CFA

Tax planning and getting sound tax advice is not usually a high priority for many of us, especially when there is an H&R Block around every corner or software solution easily available. As...

How To Find a Financial Planner in Bangor Maine

Benjamin Smith, CFA

Are you considering hiring a financial advisor in Bangor, but you don’t know how to get started? There are so many things to consider when hiring a financial advisor, but let’s start with the...

Who Are The Best Financial Advisors in Bangor, Maine? (In Our Opinion)*

Benjamin Smith, CFA

UPDATED June 2022

Each year, we at Guidance Point Advisors meet with well over 100 households in the Bangor, Maine area with respect to their Financial Planning and Investment needs. Because so many...

Retirement Checkpoints: Am I On  the Path to Retirement?

Abigail Walker, CFP®

When speaking with people, this is probably the most frequently asked question that I get asked. It’s a difficult question to answer in general terms because retirement looks different for everyone...

Financial Advisor Fees: Am I Paying Too Much?

Benjamin Smith, CFA

 This is a topic that our team debates as being rather uncomfortable to discuss in a blog setting. Does this insinuate that we charge our clients too much? Are we going to make our competition...

Capital Markets Review- Second Quarter 2017

Benjamin Smith, CFA

The 10th Anniversary of the start of the Financial Crisis; How much longer does the Goldilocks Scenario last?

June marked the 10thanniversary of the beginning of the Financial Crisis. In June...

Choosing a Financial Advisor Part 3: What Does CFP‎ Stand For?

Abigail Walker, CFP®

There are so many different three-letter abbreviations for certifications within the financial industry that it’s hard to figure out which ones are more meaningful than others.  I am a CFP®, but many...

Choosing a Financial Advisor Part 2: What Is a CFA?

Wesley Del Col, CFP

 Passing the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Designation is really hard! (and we’re happy we have someone with the designation on our side!)