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The Ready.Set.Retire! Blog

The Types of Clients  That Would Be Bad Fits For Us

Benjamin Smith, CFA

What types of clients would be bad fits for Guidance Point Advisors?

This is a question that we receive from time to time from our prospects. It’s a question our team debates about whether to...

I Want to Fire My Financial Advisor!

Benjamin Smith, CFA

You’re currently not satisfied with some aspect of your financial advisor’s service, and have decided to consider a change.  Before changing financial advisors,  there are many things to consider.

Should I Pay Off The Mortgage  Or Invest for Retirement?

Abigail Walker, CFP®

Should I pay off the mortgage or invest my extra cash?

This a common question – what should I be doing with my extra money each month? Should I be paying off my mortgage or should I invest that...

Choosing a Financial Advisor Part 1: Fiduciary Or  Broker?

Benjamin Smith, CFA

Welcome to part 1 of our series Choosing  a Financial Advisor.  There are many things that we suggest people know before trusting any professional to handle their nest egg, and in this series we plan...

What Happens at a Financial Planning Meeting?

Abigail Walker, CFP®

The thought of a financial planning meeting sends feelings of dread and suspicion through many peoples’ heads. It is not that bad, though! We are here to de-mystify the financial planning process and...

What Is An Expense Ratio?

Wesley Del Col, CFP

Do you ever wonder what your total investment costs are but don’t know how to get the answer? You’re not alone. Given the various types of fees in the investment world, it’s difficult to get a...

Retirement Versus College: Where to Save First

Abigail Walker, CFP®

Should I Save For My Child’s College Education or For My Own Retirement?

This is an excellent question, and one that we get a lot at Guidance Point Advisors! Parents want to be sure that they are...

Top 5 Problems with Financial Advisors and How to Solve Them

Benjamin Smith, CFA

If you’re considering hiring a Financial Advisor and have done any research on the web, you’ve probably come in contact with tens to hundreds of options. I’m sure that you have heard the horror...

Capital Markets Review- First Quarter 2017

Benjamin Smith, CFA

A Trump Bump and Growing International Economic Confidence: 

The first quarter of 2017 was dominated by political headlines and firming economic data globally. Risk assets continued to outperform...