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The Retirement Success in Maine Podcast Ep 055: A 2021 Investment Markets Recap & 2022 Preview

Benjamin Smith, CFA

Executive Summary

Episode 55

As Financial Advisors, we are very frequently asked to give our thoughts on the investable markets and what it means for our retirement. While our show mainly discusses life challenges pre and post-retirement, we wanted to share a bit of our team's expertise on how investments and financial movements may be impacting your retirement directly or indirectly from the events of 2021. Join us for Episode #55 where we have a 2021 Roundtable Recap with some of the team at Guidance Point Advisors!

What You'll Learn In This Podcast Episode:

A look back at 2021. [4:37]

What is next for 2022? [13:30]

What is resonating most with clients right now? [22:10]

Why are clients hiring us right now? [31:15]


Impact of Being Out of the Market

Investing at All-Time Highs

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