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The Retirement Success in Maine Podcast Ep 049: Retirement Potpourri

Benjamin Smith, CFA

Executive Summary

Episode 49

We did things a little differently this episode – no guest! Instead, Ben and Curtis sat down to give you a Retirement Potpourri. Tune in to hear them give an update on Guidance Point Advisors and The Retirement Success in Maine Podcast. Further in the conversation, Ben and Curtis share some helpful Retirement Resources and discuss what’s trending in the retirement universe. Use the link below to listen in!

What You'll Learn In This Podcast Episode:

An update on Guidance Point Advisors. [2:00]

An update on The Retirement Success in Maine Podcast. [8:17]

Retirement Resources! [17:00]

Retirement Trends! [19:48]

Why are people retiring now? [41:24]

How are retirees accessing retirement? [44:10]

Ben and Curtis wrap up the episode. [53:37]


Retirement Rate Increase

Upsizing Is The New Downsizing

SeniorLiving Retirement Research

Listen Here:


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